《公理边缘》剧情讲了什么 全剧情中文翻译一览


《公理边缘》剧情讲了什么 全剧情中文翻译一览


New Mexico 2005 美国新墨西哥州 2005

Trace,it’s charged and ready. 垂斯,已经准备好了。

thanks ,Hammond.Starting the pulse now.谢谢,汉蒙德,现在开始吧。

If only it would work this time.希望这次一定能成功

That’s weird;the beamlet was completely distorted.有点奇怪,这个线路有点不正常。

Trace,that’s a problem 垂斯,出问题了。

what’s that sound? 这是什么声音?

As the building collapsed on top of me,I knew it was all over.当大楼倒塌的时候,我就知道一切都完了。

My life,my goals -all fruitless.我的一生,我的理想,全都失败了。

But if this were truly the end,if I’d simply died and stayed that way.但是如果我在这场事故中死去了,这样故事也就结束了。

well,let’s just say that everything would have been a lot different.好吧,其实呢,世界不知道怎么了,发生了巨大的变化。


Trace,Wake up,Trace垂斯,醒醒,垂斯

Ugh…what happened? 额,发生了什么?

Trace…there is …gun ….in next room.You must get it.垂斯,隔壁房间有把枪,你一定要带上它。

Wait,what’s going on?Where are you?等等,什么意思,你在哪里?

Hello?Where am I?喂,我到底在哪?

is thie the gun that lady mentioned?Or did I just imagine her?这是刚才那个女人说的枪吗?还是我幻听了?

Sorry,I am very weak.You must go,now!Before he find you…

Before WHO find me?what’s going on?

I guess she’s gone again.


Gaaah!What just happened?哦,刚才发生了什么?

You died…we saved your..mind machines…你死掉了,我们救下了你的思维和大脑。

What?I’m sorry,miss,I think – HOPE – I’m misunderstanding something.Could you try rephrasing that?什么,抱歉,女士。我觉得,恩,我没能理解这一切所发生的。你能在说一遍吗?


Oh,man.This is insane!I died?Am I still…me?天呐,这太疯狂了,我死掉了?那我现在还是我吗?


crap,I’m trapped 卧槽,我被困了


Woah,hey-you can talk!Listen,I’m,uh,lost,and…你能说话!我呢,走丢了,然后。。。



Trace,My name is Elsenova 垂斯,我的名字叫伊娃

Are you the voice I’ve been hearing? 我刚才听见的声音是你?

Yes…we are connected through mind machine 是的,咱们两个因为某种装置思想连接在一起。

I need you to fix power filter…I am dying 我希望你能修理下能量过滤器,我现在状态很不好

Power filter?Uh,I guess I can try;where is it? 能量过滤器吗?我可以试试,那玩意在哪里

Not near,I am sorry,I need rest now bye. 离得有点远,不好意思,我现在需要休息,再见。

Hey,wait Where are we? 等等啊。。我到底在哪里

This is definitely not good…这可真不太好啊


Oh crap… an even bigger one. 卧槽,一个更大的。


Look,I mean no harm!Please,can we just talk it out?你看,我没有恶意,请听我一言。


Yeah,ok!So my name is Trace,and I have no idea how I got here,but…好的。我叫垂斯,我不知道我为什么在这里,但是。。


Have it your way,then天呐,你真难交流。


Another one of these?另一个姐们?

Hello,miss?Are you awake?你好,小姐?你醒着吗?

Trace,That is veruska.She is in great need of repair drones.垂斯,这是维苏卡,她现在特别需要修理。

She is very dangerous.. but is our ally.她现在状况非常危险,不过是我们的盟友。

Dangerous?I mean, I’d figured you were sort of…networked supercomputers or something.危险?我的意思是。我认为你们是一种。。。联网的超级计算机或者类似的什么东西。

No Our word is “Rusalki”…it is like…water machine?But we have all been damage…并不是,我们是水仙女。像是一种量产型机器人?但是我们现在都被破坏了,

this situation you see is emergency.If you can enable repair drones,it will greatly help.我们现在处于一种紧急状态,如果你能让修理兵蜂重新运行,这会对我们帮助很大。

So just the “Power Filter” isn’t enough?光打开能量过滤器还不够吗?

That is bare minimum for survival…那只是最低的生存保障。

Okay,hang in there.Whatever you are,I’m not going to let you die without a fight.好吧,在这里待好,不管你是什么,我都不希望你还没挣扎呢就死去。

Thank you..谢谢


Oh crap.卧槽


Here goes nothing…我还什么都没说呢。


Hopefully this is the “power filter” that Elsenova was talking about.太好了,这是伊娃曾经提到的能量过滤器。

Yes… I still need some time for poison to clear,but I will be OK now.干得好,虽然我仍然还需要点时间去排除毒素,不过起码现在状态很好。

Are you well enough to tell me what’s going on?那你现在可以告诉我究竟发生什么了吗?

Yes But it is long story.可以,但是这是一个很长的故事。

I’m listening.我会慢慢听的。

There are two sides to universe-Worldstream and Breach.宇宙是由两部分组成,世界流和时空隧道。(世界流是指很多个世界)

Breach is like storm- deadly,cannot be pass.时空隧道就像不可跨过的让人致命的风暴。

This planet,Sudra,is designed to keep Breach in check.这个星球叫S星,是用来控制时空隧道的中枢。

But then,many years in past,a man came through.但是,很多年前,有一个人来到了这里。

His name is Athetos.他就是老A。

Athetos is PatternMind-powerful manipulator.老A就是一切的幕后操作者。

He infected all of Sudra with pathogen.他在S星散播了病毒。

Only we survive-Rusalki,like me.只有我们水仙女幸存了。

To trap us,he used Breach Attractor.为了困住我们,他用了时空隧道的干扰器。

Breach surrounds entire world now,and we cannot leave.时空隧道包围了整个世界流,我们已经不能离开了。

But Athetos is win.Soon,he will destroy us,and enter rest of Worldstream.老A赢了,不久,他就会催毁我们然后处理剩下的世界流。

Trace,my “sister”-Ophelia-find you in Breach.Only you,no other,can stop Athetos.垂斯,我的姐妹奥菲莉亚在时空隧道里找到了你。只有你,才能阻止老A。

She “found” me in this Breach? What exactly does that mean?她在时空隧道“找”到我?这是什么意思?

Unfortunately,I am not knowing.Only Ophelia entered Breach,and she is damage.不好意思,我不清楚,只有奥菲莉亚进过时空隧道,她也被破坏得很严重。

Okay,so why me?The whole “chosen one” story doesn’t inspire much confidence…好的,但是为什么是我?这个被命运选中的故事并不怎么鼓舞我的勇气。

Only Ophelia knows.This is my next task,also:Enable repair drones to fix Ophelia and Other Rusalka.这你只能去问奥菲莉亚,那么下一步要做的就是,让修理兵蜂可以修理奥菲莉亚和其他水仙女。

Ophelia has way to circumvent pathogen,which you will want.奥菲莉亚知道怎么规避病毒,这也是你所需要的。

Am I in danger?Or could I already be infected and not know it?我也有可能被感染?那我可能被感染了但是没有察觉?

Pathogen is now in all creatures here… but you can heal inside egg.So,maybe not?病毒现在存在于所有的生物里,但是在蛋里的并没有感染,所以你也可能并没有被感染。

Thanks for being so forthcoming about all this.谢谢你告诉我即将要面对的这些。

I’ll help you – not that it seems like there’s a choice.But I’m going to expect some answers from your friend.我会帮助你的,我也希望从你的同伴那里得到更多的信息。

Okay,go.I am always watch you;if you need me,call.好的,出发吧,我一会一直看着你的,如果你需要和我联系就喊我。


It’s an old labcoat,like from the laser lab.Though the inner layer is different…looks biomechanoid,like my gun.How the hell did it get here?这个实验服已经很久了,好像是激光实验室的。内部结构很奇特,和我的枪一样好像是仿生物的,这些东西到底是从哪里来的?


A syringe lying in the middle of a room?That’s just a bit ominous.一个注射器放在这个屋子中间?看起来有点可疑。

This contains,how you say,small blood machines?Like in your mind.They can provide powerful modification.Please,take them!这里面是一个关于血液的机器,他们可以提供火力支援,请带上他们。

Don’t tell me you want me to stick myself with this thing?不要说你希望我和这种东西合体?

Too late; I have transferred necessary info using near connection.Your body will produce,now.晚了,我已经将所需要的信息都传送好了,你的身体现在已经融合完毕了。

Injection over wireless?Somehow that’s even MORE terrifying.What did you do to me?无线注入的?某种程度上来说更可怕啊,你到底对我做了什么?

You will find this useful.But,only works if you are uninjured.你会发现他们很有用的,但是,他们只在你无伤的时候管用。

Thanks- I guess.那我就。。多谢了。


Surprise,surprise.it’s another giant,armed monster!看我发现了什么,另一个巨人,武装怪物。

WHO IS it?? ARE you DEMON?你是谁,你是恶魔吗?

No, just a normal guy.Trust me, I don’t even want to be here.我只是一个普通人,相信我,我甚至不想在这里。

It carries WEAPONS…but LOOKS like你拿着武器,而且看起来。。。


I only carry this gun to defend myself. If you just let me be, I won’t use it.我拿着枪只是为了自保,如果你这样认为,我可以不用枪的。。

CANNOT trust SELF…Cannot trust ATHETOS!But, to be safe.不能信任自己,不能信任老A。但是为了安全着想。


That one seemed almost reluctant to fight.Elsenova,what’s going on?刚才它看起来不情愿去战斗,伊娃,这是怎么回事。

Athetos’ soldiers were originally normal humans.老A的士兵原本都是普通的人类。

He used his pathogen to transform them.他用病毒改造了他们。

But, sometimes,they remember small part of who they once were.但是,有时候他们可以想起来一小部分他们曾经的记忆。

So I’ve been killing innocent people?所以我杀掉了无辜的人?

No They were…those most loyal to him.They helped him spread pathogen.不,他们曾是,不过他们现在效忠老A,他们帮助老A散播病毒。

Okay,maybe they’re not innocent,but still,they’re people.Is there some way I could get by with NOT killing them?好吧,也许他们不是无辜的,但是,他们仍然是人类,有没有什么办法我可以不杀掉他们?

No.At least,I do not think so.But,Trace,if you had been here…you would not want them to live,either.至少我认为是不可能,但是,垂斯,既然你在这里就不必在乎他们的死活。


Trace, this was Katrahaska.She was ally of Athetos…she tried to kill us,but we stopped her.垂斯,这是卡苏卡,她和老A是一伙的,她曾经想要杀死我们,但是我们没有让她得逞。

So she’s dead.All of you look rather immobile,you know.How did you even fight?所以她现在已经死了?你们看起来好像并不能动啊。你们是怎么做到的?

Drones.It was all we had after everyone died.But then Athetos disabled even those.用兵蜂,大家不在以后这是我们唯一可以依靠的,但是现在老A停止了它们。


Thank you .The drones can now begin repairing us.感谢你,这些兵蜂已经开始对我们进行修理。

So what now?那么下一步呢?

It would be good to make sure Ophelia is repaired.She has way to bypass pathogen.Also,you wanted to ask her about Breach.最好去确认一下奥菲莉亚是否正在被修理,她有办法避开病毒,关于时空隧道的事情你也正好问她。

That’s the key to this whole thing,right?Athetos is using the Breach to trap you here while slowly killing you off?终于快到了所有问题的关键,老A用干扰器困住你们然后再慢慢杀死你们?

Yes.So,ultimate goal is stopping Athetos,with secondary goal finging Ophelia.But you will need to look for ways of reaching them.对的,最终目的是阻止老A,不过你要先找到奥菲莉亚,而你现在要做的就是找到通往她的路。

That makes sense.Let’s see what I can find up ahead.好的,来看看我能不能找到的吧。



What the hell? Elsenova!Did you see that?刚才那个是什么?伊娃,你看见了吗?

Sorry,no,what did you see?抱歉,没有,你刚才看见了什么?

There was a man who looked just like me,standing over there,then he ran away!一个长相跟我一样的人,站在那里,然后跑掉了。

Very strange;I did not see this.这很奇怪,我并没有看见。

I’m going after him.Keep your eyes open! Or whatever it is you do.我在后面跟着他,不论你做什么,一定要睁开眼睛看好了。


Hey you ! stop !喂,你,站住!

Trace,there is nothing.垂斯,那里什么都没有。

He was right there.他刚才确实在那里。

Trace, I think you must find Ophelia soon.Please,tell me if you see more strange things.垂斯,我觉得你最好快点找到奥菲莉亚,你再看到奇怪的东西请告诉我。

You mean that totally unironically,am I right?你的意思是现在情况很严重?


Whew,pretty hot in this place.哇,这里太热了吧。

Ugh…Elsenova…something’s wrong;I don’t feel well.额,伊娃,我感觉不太舒服。

I was afraid of this.Athetos’s pathogen is starting to affect you.But,I think Ophelia is near.She can fix.Just try to keep calm.这正是我害怕发生的,老A的病毒这在侵害你,还好奥菲莉亚再附近,她可以治疗你,你现在需要保持冷静。

Thanks,Athetos.I mean Elsenova.Sorry…Think I’ll just shut up and keep moving.谢谢,老A,不,我是说伊娃,不好意思。。我最好是闭嘴赶快赶路。


Well,it’s about time.就是这个时候。

Oh,sorry.Are you Ophelia?不好意思,你是奥菲莉亚吗

There’s no such thing as Ophelia.这里没有奥菲莉亚

If there isn’t,how did you even know what I was talking about?如果这里没有,你怎么知道我说的是什么。

You know the answer to that.你其实知道答案的

Beacuse you’re a hallucination,right?That pathogen is making me see things?Crap,I’d better get moving.因为你出现了幻觉,这是病毒导致的。卧槽,我最好快点走。


Crap,I’m trapped!卧槽,我被困了。

Trace,please just stay put.I have made contact with Ophelia.垂斯,请等一等,我和奥菲莉亚连线了。

Elsenova,that man… from before…he’s here!伊娃,这个男的,是之前的,他就在这里


Wait,I’m no demon!Am I?等等,我不是恶魔,你是我?


I’m sorry,I’m so sorry!!!对不起,对不起。




Ugh… where am I?额。。我在哪里?

Safe.This is the trauma ward.这里是病房,是安全的。

…everything hurts…how bad is it?一切都毁了。有多严重?

This may be hard to accept,but…your injuries were severe.You will neither walk,nor see,ever again.也许这很难接受,但是。。你的伤势很重,你可能会丧失行走能力和视力。

I remember now.While I’d assumed this was all connected to the lab explosion… in fact,that was just an unrelated accident.我还记得,我曾经以为这与实验室爆炸有关系,但事实上,那只是一场事故而已。

A frozen pressure valve,of all things.Boom .How could I have forgotten?I’d survived the blast,and awoken.是冷冻压力阀爆炸了,我怎么就忘了呢,我在爆炸中活了下来。

And for months,was locked in darkness.I was broken.但是我受伤了,在几个月内都昏迷中。

Not just blind,but crippled.But as I lay there helpless,thinking…我不光是丧失了视力和行走能力,在床上的我每天只能胡思乱想。

I had an epiphany.An idea that would become a scientific breakthrough.有一天我突然想到了什么,那是一个科学上的重大突破。

I worked with Dr.Hammond,who had recovered completely.Together,we published a new Theory of Everything.我和汉蒙德一起工作,他已经完全恢复了。我们一起出版了一个新的学说。

It was a rewriting of physics.The media got wind,and loved it.But the physics community decried it as pseudoscience.那是一篇物理学说,通过媒体宣传了出去,但是物理学会说这是伪科学。

I was blacklisted.And given a nickname:”Athetos” – without place. That’s where the memories end.我被加入了学会的黑名单。然后被给予了一个名字:老A。这就是我能想起来的记忆了。

Over a year of my life,completely forgotten…and somehow,I’m him ,Athetos.Elsenova knows this.But she thinks that I don’t…有一年以上的记忆我都全部忘记了。某种意义上,我就是他,我就是老A。。伊娃或许知道的,但是她觉得不可能。


So I’m still…here.所以,我仍然在这里。

I’ve cleared out the bioflux.Your nanogates should take care of the rest.我已经消除了你体内的病毒,你需要自己去对付下剩下的。

Trace,this is Ophelia.It is she who brought you to Sudra.垂斯,这就是奥菲莉亚,就是她带你来到S星的。

Okay,Ophelia.Why exactly would you do that?好吧,奥菲莉亚,我想知道为什么你会这么做?

Several reasons,but mainly because you,like Athetos,are a PatternMind.这有好多种原因,但是最主要的是你比较像老A,包括思维模式。

It means only you could survive Athetos’ pathogen.It also makes you the only person capable of using Athetos’ weapons,like that gun.In short,you were the only chance we had to defeat him.这就是说只有你可以在老A的病毒下存活,而且你也可以使用老A各种各样的武器,比如这把枪。简单点说,你是我们唯一的希望去打败老A。

So what makes Athetos and I “PatternMinds”?Something we were born with,or something that happened?那又是什么让我和老A很像呢?这是天生的还是发生了什么导致的?

To be honest,we don’t know.Within the Brench,there are many worlds.Athetos came from one,so that’s where we started.说实话我们不知道,在时空隧道里又有很多世界。老A从一个世界而来,那就是我们出生的地方。

I entered the Breach,where I learned about PatternMinds-special individuals who can manipulate reality at will.我在时空隧道了解到,老A这种特殊思维模式的人几乎可以随意操作现实。

Using a special device called a Scry,we searched for another PatternMind that could stop him.我们发现另一个有特殊思维模式的人可以阻止老A。

We found only you,on your world-Earth-and extracted you.We know for sure that you’re a PatternMind,but not why.We were hoping YOU could tell us that.我们在你的世界-地球上找到并带走了你,我们确定你是一个有特殊思维模式的人,但是不知道原因,我们本来希望你能告诉我们的。

Nope.I’m pretty normal.And I’m fairly confident there’s no secret magic going on in my DNA or anything.Are you sure you’re not leaving something out?不对,我是一个极其普通的人。我很确定的认为我的体内没有什么特殊的。你确定没在我的体内留下什么东西?

We are sure.Regardless,you are doing well.Breach attractor – and Athetos – are in elevator above us.我们确定,不管怎么样,你目前做的很好,时空隧道干扰器和老A在最上层。

Destroy it,and we can take care of rest.But getting inside may take some time yet.破坏它,我们可以对付剩下的问题。但是你到达那里还要很长时间。

And then?那么之后呢?

You are done.We send you back home.你的任务完成,我们送你回家。

Okay.Looks like I’m off to see the wizard,then…哇。那么我为了回家还是赶快行动吧。


Oh God,what the hell is this?哦,天呐,这TM是哪里?


Trace that is an…aborted …clone of Athetos.垂斯这个是老A的失败克隆体。

This is how Athetos makes soldiers.这就是老A制造士兵的方式。

Oh.What do I do?Can’t he be healed?那我该做些什么呢?他还能复原吗?

It is too late.He’s dying.He should not even have survived this long.已经晚了,他已经快死了,他甚至不应该能活这么长时间的。

I’ve had it.I can’t do this anymore.I know I’m him.In some messed up way,I’m Athetos.So tell me, now,what the hell is going on?我杀死了他,我再也不想这么做了。我知道我就是他,我就是老A。告诉我,我现在到底会怎么样?


It’s true.You are Athetos – or would be,if you continued on as you were.But you were not one of these clones.The Athetos that made these is much older.Changed.是的,你是老A,或者说如果你也像老A一样一路走来的话,你也会像老A一样,不过你并不是老A的克隆体,老A是以后的你,而你还年轻是可以选择自己的道路。

After Athetos arrived here,we discovered it was not for first time.在老A到这里之后,我们发现这并不是他第一次来这里。

He apparently made his way here once before,when he was your age.Legend has it he was kinder,then.And he used one of the rebirth chambers.很明显,他在你这个年纪的时候曾经来过这里。传说他那个时候很友好的而且曾用过重生室。

Let me get this straight; I came here at some point years ago,before this plague happened?让我整理一下你说的,我曾经来过这里,在这里病毒散播之前?

Yes.And you used a rebirth chamber.是啊,你打算用重生室去获得健康的身体。

The red mechanical egg I woke up in.But clearly that wasn’t the first time,or we’d have no Athetos.是我醒来时的那个红色的机械蛋?但是确实感觉这并不是第一次了。

The original exited the chamber and became Athetos;可是最后你的本体逃离了重生室然后成为了老A。

you are a copy made from the data left behind.We gambled that a much younger Athetos would be different.That you would help us.你是用留下的数据复制而成的,我们赌了一把,认为年轻的老A会不一样,你或许会帮助我们。

So why don’t I remember coming here?Copy or not,I shouldn’t have had any sense of time passage.那为什么我不记得来到这里的事情。不论我是不是复制的,我都不应该对时间有任何感觉。

It should have felt like any other time I stepped into an egg and stepped immediately out.我应该感觉像在某个时间进入了蛋内然后马上走出来。

We don’t know.All of this happened long ago – hundreds of years ago,even.Data degredation?What exactly do you remember?我们不知道,这是都在很久之前发生的,可能几百年前。数据损坏了吗?你现在还记得什么?

You first.What made Athetos want to attack this world?Or is that part even true?先回答我的问题,是什么让老A想攻击这个世界?这一切真的是现实吗?

It is true. It is entire reason we are here.这是真的,这是我们在这里的原因。

The years have changed him,Trace…he was in the Breach for a long time.We don’t know what happened there.是时间改变了他,垂斯。他曾在时空隧道待了很多时间。我们不知道那里发生了什么。

I need to talk to him.He’ll tell me what’s going on.That’s what I’d do.我需要和他谈谈,他会告诉我发生了什么,这是我需要做的。

No.You will continue as planned.不,你要按计划行事。

And how are you going to make me do that,exactly?你要怎么强迫我去这么做呢。

Like this.就像这样。

GAAAAH!!!Something’s wrong! I’m …I’m-啊啊啊。好难受。。。

GAAAAH!!Holy crap, that was excruciating!啊啊啊。TMD,这太痛苦了。


Trace,are you okay?垂斯,你好吗。

Hell NO!!What just happened?当然不好,刚刚发生了什么。

Elsenova…She hates Athetos.And,as you pointed out,you are him.伊娃,她太痛恨老A了,尤其是当你指出你就是老A。

Just now,what happened to me – did she..?是她?她对我做了什么?

Yes.She can shut down your nanogates at any time.I brought you back.This goes much faster with your help.是的,她可以在任何时间停止你的思想,我让你重启了。毕竟在你的帮助下计划会快很多。

Please,find Athetos and speak with him,if that’s what you want.You don’t have to fight him.We just need the Breachattractor shut down.Can you do that?如果你想的话,那就请你找到老A谈一谈,你不需要和他战斗。我们只是需要让B时间的干扰器关闭,你能做到吗?

Okay.But no killing him.好的,但不要伤害他。

Agreed.I’m going to talk to Elsenova.She’ll come around.好的,我去和伊娃谈一谈,她会来的。

In case you were wondering what our bodies look like.话说你是不是在想我们的身体是什么样子的。

What are you talking about?Those big things back there?你在说什么?你们身体也很庞大吗?

Hundreds of years old,but,intact.More or less.Even self-repairing technology has its limits.很多年前是这样的,那时候还是完全体。不过现在自我修复的能力有限。

So,you have bodies…am I supposed to help attach your heads onto these things?所以,你是有身体的?需要我帮你把头接到身体上吗?

I don’t thing that’s necessary.The repair drones will be more than adequate.But I wanted to prepare you for what is to come.那就没有必要了。修理兵蜂足够了。我希望你去为接下来做准备。


That is the word in Elsenova’s language.这是伊娃语里的一个词。

These things are huge.Why do you even need me?你们都这么厉害,为什么需要我呢?

You’re still the only one who can get close enough to Athetos to disable the Breach Attractor.因为你是唯一可以接近老A的人,我们需要你去破坏时空隧道的干扰器。

But, you’re right – one on one against our true forms,he wouldn’t pose even a slight threat.但有句话你说对了,如果用我们的真实形态来一对一的话,他一点威胁都算不上。

Ah,crap.This one doesn’t even look partially human.卧槽,从这点来看还真不像是一个人类啊。


Trace! Trun back!This place is … artifact.垂斯,快回来,这个地方是虚拟和现实之间。

Like some kind of dimensional rift?What if there’s something I need in here?就像是某种空间断层吗?我是不是能在这里找到什么?

No…it is dangerous.Flostsam,jetsam…caused by Breach.不,这里太危险了。这里是时空隧道造成的扭曲空间。

Is there radiation or something in here?Well ,that’s not exactly reassuring.这里有没有辐射啊?好吧,听起来并不是那么安全。




Yes.Drones repaired my body before other Rusalki.Trace,I am sorry for my reaction earlier.是的,兵蜂修理好了我的身体。垂斯,我对之前的行为表示抱歉。

You should not carry blame for Athetos’ crimes.你不应该为老A的罪行赎罪。


Ahead is elevator to Breach;Athetos is inside.前面就是通往时空隧道的电梯,老A就在里面。

I do not ask you to kill him.Just shut down Breach attractor.我不会要求你去杀了他,只要关了干扰器就行。

But,he will try to stop you.As always,there is weak point.Find and destroy it.Once Breach recedes,I can help.但是,老A一定会阻碍你的,毕竟那是一个关键点,找到并且催坏它,一旦干扰器坏掉,我会来帮助你的。

But I cannot survive in Breach,so,be careful.Athetos lives,okay?We can lock him up or sometheing.But no killing.但是我不能在时空隧道里久留,你一定要小心,我们可以将老A锁住而不去杀掉他。

No killing.好的,不杀掉他。

Thank you.So,This is you?谢谢。那么,这就是你本来的样子吗?

I was originally…soldier.Does it frighten you?我本来就是一个士兵。这吓到你了吗?

I think I was already at some point beyond fear.我感觉我已经不知不觉忘记害怕了。

Ah,crap.I forgot what I was going to say.Thanks for apologizing.Please don’t kill me again.哦,天呐,我忘记我本来打算说的,谢谢你的道歉,请不要再一次杀掉我了。

I won’t.Be careful.Athetos is devious.You cannot trust him.我不会的,请小心,老A很狡猾,你不要相信他。

I’ll keep that in mind.我会记住的。


So,it’s you.那么,就是你喽。

Yes,I have been wondering when you’d come.It’s been a long time since I’ve seen another human…就是我,我还在想你什么时候会来呢,距离我上一次看见人类已经过了很长时间了。

What is this contraption you’re in?Are you okay?你在什么玩意里面?你还好吗?

It protects me from the pathogen.I previously used a much more portable device…but the Rusalki destroyed it.这能保护我不被病毒感染,本来我以前用些更方便可携带的装置,不过都被水仙女破坏了。

This ungainly machine merely prolongs my demise.这些破机器只是在延迟我的死亡而已。

Is it true that you released the pathogen on the whole world?Intentionally?是你在全世界散播了病毒?你是故意的?


Then you’d better do some explaining.那你最好做一些解释。

If I tell you too much,your captor will have to kill you.如果我告诉你的太多,你的同伴会杀死你的。

But,try this:Long ago,this world – Sudra – was the doorway to an unrivaled civilization.Like a port on the way to the greatest nation ever envisioned.但是,告诉你也行,很多年前,这个世界,S星,是通往强大文明的大门,就像一个直通最伟大国家的港口。

But the port had a collapse.By the time I came,they barely remembered who they were.但是这个港口有一天倒塌了,而这时我来到了这里,这里的人都不知道他们自己是谁。

They regarded their own technology with superstition and religious reverence.When I first crossed the Breach from Earth to Sudra,I was expecting to find enlightenment.他们把科技和宗教信仰结合在一起,当我第一次从地球到S星的时候,我曾期待得到他们文明的启示。

Instead,I discovered that they were using the Breach to keep out the greater universe.而我发现的是,他们用时空隧道封锁了广阔的宇宙。

In their superstitious culture,the outside universe is taboo.For this,I do not regret removing the main obstacle in my path.在他们的信仰中,外面的世界是禁忌。我不会后悔我所做的,他们是我道路上最大的障碍。

You’d resort to genocide just for that?你就因为这个犯下灭绝种族的大罪?

Imagine millennia of scientific,cultural,and technological progress.想象一下,千年的科学,文明,科技的进步。

A civilization so advanced that our world is paleolithic by comparison that is what lies beyond the breach.当我们还是石器时代的时候他们的文化已经如此先进,这些都是在时空隧道的另一端。

Death,disease,war,famine – these could become things of the past.死亡,疾病,战争,饥荒-这些都成为了过去。

But the Sudrans were obstinate.This was the forbidden fruit.The loss of a single people balanced against the whole of humanity…how else could I choose?但是S大特别顽固,他说这是禁果的。一个人的自私和整个人类社会的进步做比较,你又会怎么选择?

Well,you did it.You have the Breach Attractor now.Why not just shut it down?好的,你做到了,你现在拥有时空隧道干扰器,但你为什么现在不关掉它呢?

The Rusalki were the flaw in my plan.They are masters of war.If I disable the Breach Attractor,I free them, too.水仙女是我计划中没有算到的,他们是战争的主宰者,如果我关闭干扰器就会解放他们。

But Trace ,with you at my side,we have a chance.Will you help me?但是垂斯,如果你站在我这边,那我们还有机会,你会帮助我吗?

Hmm,let me think about that for a bit.Okay,I’ve thought about it,and my answer is…hell 恩,让我想一会,好吧,我已经考虑好了,我的答案是,滚。


So be it ,then. 随你想


So… it appears I have lost.我竟然输了。

Elsenova! We did it! The Breach is gone.伊娃。我们做到了,干扰器已经不在了。

I’m sorry,but there is one more thing I need to do.我对我接下来所做的表示抱歉。

You’re going to kill him,aren’t you?He can’t do anything now.Just leave him!你打算杀了他,是吗?他现在什么都做不了,放他走吧。

Unfortunately that’s not a chance we can take.这不是我们可以选择的。

This was inevitable,Trace.Do not blame yourself.这是不可避免的,垂斯,不要责怪自己。


So that’s it.I’ll never know if…I mean…what if he could have been redeemed?这下我永远不会知道老A会不会为他所做的赎罪了。

Trace,you are not him.He chose wrongly,not you.But now it is time for you to go home.垂斯,你不是他,他选择了错误的道路,而你不会,现在是时候送你回家了。

Go home?As the clone of a mass murderer?What’s even there for me?回家?作为一个大规模杀人凶手的克隆体回去吗?这里又怎么办?

Do not worry,we have taken care of it.不要担心,我们会处理好的。

What’s happening?…I’m suddenly exhausted…发生了什么?我突然感觉有点累了。


Perhaps we’ll meet again sometime?或许我们以后还会再见面的。



As for what happened next..那么接下来发生了什么事情呢

I was back.But this was different.It was as if nothing ever happened.我回来了,但是有些不一样,这里就像什么都没有发生一样。

The laser lab had still collapsed,but I was uninjured and nobody else seemed to think that was strange.实验室还是倒塌的,但我并没有受伤而且好像似乎没有人觉得这很奇怪。

I didn’t stick around much longer.I tried to go back to my former like,but it felt…wrong.我并没有待太长的时间,我再一次去做我以前想做的事情,但是感觉有些不对劲。

I didn’t know who I was anymore,or where I belonged.I had to get back to Sudra.To find the truth of things.我很迷茫,我不知道我是谁,不知道我属于哪里。我想回到S星,去寻找真实。

I started with what I’d learned there.I was determined to get to the bottom of it.That was all had left.我从头再来,我决定要达到真实,这是我唯一想做的。

I’ve almost got it…just a bit more.Who’s there?Athetos!?我几乎快要到达真实了,只差一点点了,谁在哪里?老A?

There’s no use running from your own selt.Time to wake up,Trace.



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